307 Meeting His Wives Again 5

"Zhang Yi, we have been talking for several days and you said nothing about whether or not to sell weapons and armor to the city, we need these weapons and armor because our city could be in danger if the large villages that bought many of their swords and armor decide to attack the city."

"I have my rule of not selling too many weapons and armor to just one person, but as you came here personally and spent several days with me I accept selling 100 swords and 100 armor to the city, this will already help them to stay in safety for a while."

"But the city needs a few thousand swords and armor to defend itself from attacks from other villages, just 100 swords, and 100 armor is not enough."

"Lusserina, I have my own rules and I'm just breaking those rules because I enjoyed talking to you these days, but the truth is, I think 100 swords and 100 armor is enough for now."

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