303 Meeting His Wives Again 1

So he made a map of the hope world again in his mind, it was all similar to what he remembered, the forest elves had something like a country and were more organized and the dark elves lived in separate villages and had only one city where their leader lived.

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The only difference was that the two species of elves had never entered a war or a very large dispute, and the population of these races of elves was much larger than he remembered.

Even with a better living condition the two elf species were still enemies and the technology of weapons, armor and other things was still very bad, the elves were much stronger and with the elves' natural talent all averaged in the realm of the Core Creation or Core Revolution.

Some were in the Spiritual Sea realm and few were in the Mortal Tribulation realm, so Zhang Yi saw only the leaders should be in the Soul Birth realm, Zhang Yi was glad to see that he did something good for this world.

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