312 Meeting His Wives Again 10

Lusserina was very sad when she heard that Zhang Yi would go back to his village and leave her in the city alone, after what they went through she thought that Zhang Yi would stay in the city for a few days at least or even open his shop and shop in the city.

But she understood that he was being considerate of her who had been through a very big trauma of almost dying, Lusserina calmed down when Zhang Yi said she could come every day with his teleportation technique.

So Lusserina realized that this was true and even though he was sad he accepted that Zhang Yi could still have his store in the village and come every day in the city to meet with her, so after Zhang Yi said goodbye he used the teleport to go back to the village.

The truth that no one knew was that Zhang Yi was still very angry about what happened to Lusserina, he can hide it very close to Lusserina and Falael, but his origin and the laws of the massacre did not let him forget his anger.

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