325 Luna and Solar Village 5

He just didn't do it because he still had a lot of time and wanted to be with them without having to use the memory crystal before, but after learning that they loved him, Zhang Yi's mood was much better and he was clearly much happier.

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Zhang Yi had never talked about it with anyone, but in fact, since he was born again it weighed on his heart if what he would have changed in the future could make him not have his wives again.

Zhang Yi was afraid that he would not be able to have his wives again near him, so in almost 500 years he lived with that insecurity that only disappeared when he learned that Luna and Solar had fallen in love with him and he could hand the memory crystal over to the two.

Naturally, Zhang Yi's wives and parents within his mental energy world realized this clearly, they had known Zhang Yi for many years and have never seen him so relaxed and happy.

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