322 Luna and Solar Village 2

But Zhang Yi also expected something like that and that's why he made this 5-year contract, Zhang Yi thought that if in 5 years he couldn't win Luna and Solar by talking to them every day and always trying to win them over, he would never succeed.

As he had promised if he saw that Luna and Solar did not love him he would not deliver the memory crystal to them, perhaps he would take them to the divine plane and put them in a good sect so that their future was guaranteed.

But even after he felt a lot of pain in his heart he would no longer try to win over her because he did not want any of his wives to be unhappy, Lusserina and Saphielle also understood and respected Zhang Yi's decision.

They knew how Zhang Yi also loved Luna and Solar, but if they didn't fall in love with him after so many years it was better than this time they were apart, that was one of the qualities of Zhang Yi that they respected a lot.

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