321 Luna and Solar Village 1

So it was expected that only 4 women would apply for the 3 vacancies, of the 4 two were Luna and Solar who were at the peak of the Xiantian realm and were among the most beautiful women and were still twins, so everyone expected them to be approved.

Another was just in the advanced Xiantian realm and was not as pretty as the other three, this one was considered lucky to qualify to compete to work at Zhang Yi's store, and the last was a warrior from the Core Creation realm and was among the most beautiful the village.

She was everyone's favorite to get the job of Zhang Yi, and anyone who investigated further knew that Luna and Solar did not have a technique that would allow them to advance to the Core Creation realm.

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So this job would be an excellent opportunity for them who would also receive abundant cultivation resources and would only have to work for 5 years, and the other warrior from the Core Creation realm did not need a cultivation technique.

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