71 Leaving the World Hope 6

After that Zhang Yi asked if Lusserina would leave this world with him, and of course, she said yes, so Zhang Yi was very happy after he resolved all things he went to the house where he was to get Saphielle before leaving.

He told Lusserina before coming here that he would take Saphielle who was the princess of the forest elves with them, Lusserina was annoyed that Saphielle was going and more upset still to know that who he invited to go first was not her.

But she did not dare to show her dissatisfaction with Zhang Yi, because it was her fault that he had to go alone to find Saphielle, Lusserina even thought several times that if he went with her, Lusserina would not forgive what she did.

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She was happy that in the moment of passion she was the first woman of Zhang Yi, even if it was not planned Zhang Yi now would like her more than Saphielle.

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