69 Leaving the World Hope 4

After all, he thought he had done much for all the elves, it only took so long to avoid a massacre, but anything that happened differently could end up in his or Lusserina's death.

Just as Zhang Yi could only arrest all the forest elves who attacked him, he was tired of always being merciful to these elves, he was a person who killed more than 1 million people in all his life, it was obvious that he did not was any saint, otherwise he could not learn the laws of slaughter.

"You said you came here to see if I was a good person, what do you think now?"

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"I think you're a good person and also completely different from your father, so I think it's only fair that I get you out of this place, I hope you can be a good queen to the forest elves."

After saying this, Zhang Yi used her mental energy to cover Saphielle's aura and easily took her from this place she had been imprisoned for tens of years, after a while he took her toward the city.

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