67 Leaving the World Hope 2

After picking up the spear in the hands Zhang Yi just lifted the spear up, the spear that was beginning to gain intelligence seemed to understand what Zhang Yi wanted so the spear integrated with the lightning element laws of Zhang Yi's body and used his energy spiritual too.

After seeing Zhang Yi kill tens of thousands of Xiantian realm elves the remaining forest elves knew they would die, they could not even flee and did not dare try to fight back, so Zhang Yi's spear formed bolts of lightning from the heavens like tribulation and attacked the elves of the realm core creation.

After losing 90 percent of their strength and being injured by Zhang Yi every time a lightning struck an elf of the forest of the realm of the creation of the nucleus this elf would die exploding as happened to the elves before them, after a few minutes and more of 6,000 elves of the kernel creation realm forest had been killed as well.

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