66 Leaving the World Hope 1

When King Gantar activated the matrix the elves of the forest that were inside the city and knew what it was that matrix they were surprised, Falael that saw a barrier coming out of nowhere and the smile in the face of Gantar realized that something was wrong.

"What you are planning to do Gantar, this war is over, there is no point in continuing when the forces of both sides are the same and the reason for that war is gone now that the world is full of spiritual energy again."

"You can think like this because you never had ambition, but my goal from the beginning was to dominate the whole world and the race of the forest elves was above the dark elves, with that matrix my dream will be fulfilled."

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"It's no good or try to pass through this barrier Falael, she was created to protect herself for a day of warriors with 10 times their strength, now all the forest elves hear my orders, kill those dark elves who dared to invade this city and kill your brothers."

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