24 Leaving the Sect and Problems 7

The energy expenditure was much higher, but this battle was life and death, he did not have time to think about saving for later, so he immediately used the spear to kill one of the wolves, but the other managed to escape, the wolves were circling this area afraid to enter.

But as the energy consumption was high Zhang Yi advanced on the wolves, he restricted them with his area and attacked another wolf, at the same time two wolves attacked him from different places, Zhang Yi had confidence in his defense and finished killing the first wolf while receiving the attacks.

For the first time his defense was crossed, but he only suffered fewer shallow cuts, so Zhang Yi looked like an injured animal and became more fierce, so as he fought the blood of the dragon circulated stronger in his body and increased the restriction with the attribute land to even when the force increased.

So he went to a fiercer attack that killed another wolf, now had only 9 more of them, 3 wolves tried to attack Zhang Yi again and he used his spear and repelled them, now he had no more space to counterattack after one time he received three more attacks and one of the attacks was a bite attempt by one of the wolves.

He repelled two and allowed the bite, so he received a deeper wound on his left arm, at this point he grabbed the wolf that had bitten him and buried the spear in his neck, thus killing one more.

As he struggled his energy subsided, but his wounds were also closed by his great recovery, the wolves continued to attack more and more with hatred to see their comrades being killed.

Zhang Yi had great experience in facing large groups and so kept the defense firm, after another attempt to attack he used a mental energy spear that had gathered and hit the paw of one of the wolves after killing him.

After seeing another companion being killed the wolves attacked at 4 this time, another one exploded its nucleus killing himself near Zhang Yi, thus injuring one of his arms and he lowered the guard allowing the attack of the other 3 wolves.

Two bit their legs doing great injuries and another jumped into his throat and was killed by Zhang Yi who took his sword out of nowhere and stuck it in his throat.

So now they had 5 more wolves but Zhang Yi was almost powerless to keep his field that saved his life so far, his two legs and one arm were injured, 3 more wolves tried to attack and Zhang Yi defended himself from two and was attacked in his injured arm.

But this was a Zhang Yi bait that killed the wolf that bit him, so it was okay to hurt another arm already injured in exchange for an enemy's life.

Once again two wolves attacked Zhang Yi who dislodged his energy field and used his remaining aura to stop one of the wolves and his remaining mental energy to make a mental energy boom stronger and killing the other wolf.

Then he used the rest of his qi with his earth element and used to heal his legs and with the sword cut off the head of the wolf that had been restricted.

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Now they had only two wolves, but Zhang Yi was already without any energy, but as he had cultivated his glass he could fight even without energy, only that his two enemies were wild beasts and with force greater than his.

After a moment of suspense, the two wolves attacked Zhang Yi without energy yet one exploded his core causing another deep wound struck all over his already injured arm and his chest and taking off a piece of skin, so the other wolf buried his teeth in the Zhang Yi's chest and blew up as well.

So Zhang Yi badly injured with part of his chest destroyed and part of his arm also showing his now broken bones were thrown back into the blast reaching the center of the site which had restricted his mental energy which he and the wolves tried to avoid and rolled in of a dark cave.


At the end of the day Bai Cheng had returned to his room after clearing the first floor, he who had just passed by the Houtian realm took advantage of his overwhelming advantage against the beasts and thus fulfilled what he told Zhang Yi and cleared the entire first level in one day.

It was not that he was much stronger than Zhang Yi, just that as he did not have such a strong aura the beasts did not hide from him and so he found and killed his opponents quickly, as he had told Zhang Yi to someone like him who had the very unstable base, the final opening pill served to open up more meridians that could not be opened by their fear of breaking them.

But the pills refined by Zhang Yi were much better than he imagined and worthy of the peak rank completely cleaned up many impurities from his body and also opened almost all the meridians of his body, even more being a nearly perfect pill despite being stronger left few impurities in his body.

So his strength was greater than imagined, and he not only came to the Houtian realm, but also reached the intermediate level of the first layer, and so his strength was on another level, the biggest difference between the first and second realm is the presence of qi in the attacks and in the body of the warrior and the biggest difference between the second and third realm is that the qi begins to enter the Dantian and thus the body can accumulate more energy.

In addition, in the third realm, the warrior can make qi attacks at a distance, so the martial techniques that Zhang Yi received that were high level could only be learned in the Houtian realm, so Bai Cheng was like a wolf in the middle of lambs and easily killed beasts.

After that he returned to his room and received his baptism of spiritual energy, he managed to capture just under half the spiritual energy he received because he used a large part to cleanse the medicinal impurities of his body with this pure energy.

After that his base became much more stable and consolidated, only then he used the rest to cultivate, after circulating the energy in his body several times through all its meridians Bai Cheng reached the peak of the first layer of the Houtian realm, and as Zhang Yi had said with a second baptism he could reach the intermediary layer of the Houtian realm and thus be able to leave this world and return to the sect.

After finishing cultivating Bai Cheng calculated the time and saw that Zhang Yi should have finished bathing and eating and so tried to call him, but even after waiting for a long time he did not receive an answer.

He started to worry but also knew that the voice did not like him and so just waited and called from time to time, even after staying all night calling for Zhang Yi he did not receive a response, convincing himself that it was because he should be busy farming Bai Cheng was again hunting.

Even though Houtian Bai Cheng still found the second level difficult, he was not afraid of the strength of the beasts since he could beat up to two of them alone, but he remembered to be careful not to be surrounded, after all, if several beasts attacked him together only death would await him.

As he had much experience in hunting beasts to get more spiritual stones and resources to cultivate Bai Cheng knew that the beasts could follow the warriors by the dead blood-smell of their companions, so he took special care and made sure to kill only the crossbows using qi attacks at a distance, he had a core rank weapon that was a sword, he got that insane killing an enemy in a difficult fight.

But core rank weapons were too weak to kill beasts, even those of rank 1 so he had not used this sword much, plus the wonder of the Houtian realm is that now he could use that weaker weapon to be able to even kill beasts of rank 2 or even rank 3, he would only use it as a means to send waves of qi that would have the sharpness of a sword.

Even with all this, since he was a cautious person by nature, he still would not kill any wolves, even if he was alone, because if by chance a drop of blood would fall on his body he would have to stay the rest of the day running away from the other wolves of the group.

These were normal things that all the disciples of the sect knew, not even passed into Bai Cheng's mind that Zhang Yi would not know this, after all in Bai Cheng's view, Zhang Yi was some disciple personally created by a very powerful Elder, and that Elder should have taught all those things that were the most important basics to know.

After all Zhang Yi was so young but also had a good cultivation for his age, moreover, he knew how to refine a peak rank pill, only so he should be a talent preserved in a greenhouse and not leave the sect to risk his life , he also thought that Zhang Yi should have several treasures to preserve his life.

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