23 Leaving the sect and Problems 6

After speaking to Bai Cheng, Zhang Yi returned to his room and began to train, tomorrow he would receive another baptism of pure spiritual energy and it was a great chance to achieve increase his cultivation, especially the mental one that always takes more time to increase the layers.

Zhang Yi had already memorized all the jades of techniques from all layers to the Houtian realm, in addition, he began to understand some of their truths, so with the necessary spiritual energy, he could make advances.

If it were not for him to insist on keeping his stronghold in this place if he used spiritual pills he could muster a lot of spiritual energy and improve rapidly, even so with that baptism he will achieve the same results.

If others knew of his speed of cultivation they would be shocked, especially if they knew that he did not use pills to accelerate their cultivation.

The other day Zhang Yi went to finish cleaning the wild beasts on the first level, although the beasts were still separated, to find the few missing Zhang Yi was confident in killing them in a short time.

And so even two hours after Zhang Yi had killed the remaining beasts needed, so he called the voice that was waiting to receive the baptism in his room, so Zhang Yi went to his room and adjusted his state of mind.

After a while his whole room was filled with spiritual energy, it was like wild waves of the sea that would go against Zhang Yi who by his talent was like a fish that simply sailed the waves.

He first drew as much energy as possible as a small whirlpool of mental energy formed and with what was left his body sucked eagerly like a sponge, though so much mental energy present at baptism was only half as received by Zhang Yi in the heavenly tribulation the energy was trying to escape his reach without success.

So he entered into a state of meditation and cultivation, and the voice that was all this despite being prepared was still shocked, normally even the greatest talents of the best times could only take advantage of half the energy present at the baptism.

But Zhang Yi just received everything, and these days after making several advances, Zhang Yi passed the mantras and quickly understood the mysteries of the layers of the second realm, it was like a computer that just had to process the information.

So his village that was being formed in his mind was as if he had received several competent workers and began to create and develop the houses that were the same ones that Zhang Yi had created, meanwhile Zhang Yi was taking care of the improvements of his main house, so the intermediate layer of mental energy was achieved and continued to advance.

The mental energy continued to be formed and refined until many houses had been formed and the main house had been increased a little more and stopped only when it reached the supreme degree of the intermediate layer.

At the same time the rest of the energy that could not be harnessed by the mental energy was being divided between the cultivation of qi and the body refinement, the energy transformation was much faster than in the mind and quickly was exhausted while maintaining qi cultivation in the beginning from the peak of the advanced layer and the refinement of the body a little behind.

Zhang Yi in these advances purposely suppressed his body cultivation to the same level in the cultivation of qi because he believed in his talent and knew that his body refinement was the fastest, so he prioritized the other two just keeping to the same level of cultivation qi in preparation for heavenly tribulation.

Zhang Yi also felt that his blood aura and slaughter was also helping to refine his body more efficiently, the blue specialist had already said that even without his perception Zhang Yi almost created a unique method of cultivating qi and body refinement, now that he had his perception this method was improving naturally.

But as he had these divine techniques of cultivation, Zhang Yi wanted to take another path and use that aura to aid in cultivation, not to be the cultivation method itself, which was much more difficult to do, but for Zhang Yi this was the better way, after all, he had a lot of time and knew instinctively that when he could understand the laws this method would be much more effective.

After a while, Zhang Yi stood up and felt much more refreshed as he had just made a layer breakthrough in mental energy Zhang Yi did not need much time to consolidate his cultivation, so he decided to try the second level to do with it would be.

After going to the second level, Zhang Yi no longer had to climb a tree to know his location and more of the beasts, now he could expand the range of his detection using his mental energy for hundreds of meters.

In that place the beasts were still the same, only that their ranks were bigger, all the beasts were rank 2, so he realized that these must be the beasts that passed rank and rose from the first level.

Again he was careful only that this time he was carrying his sword instead of the spear and did not try to hide his presence, he searched quietly and found a bear alone, the bear was larger than the rank 1 and his claws had a similar sharpness with his sword.

He immediately advanced and caught the bear by surprise striking a blow to his throat, the bear that realized the attack in time managed to defend itself with its claws, but still suffered some damage from the collision, Zhang Yi gave a new cut and also attacked with his mental energy in your arm and chest.

The bear tried to defend the mental energy blow that instinctively went to his chest and the sword cut his arm off the pulling, the bear roared with pain and Zhang Yi struck the same blow, the bear this time defended the sword that was directed at his other arm and allowed the mental energy blow that was now stronger to hit his head.

The mental energy in the form of needles hit his eyes and went through his head killing him, it was an easy struggle if Zhang Yi used the bear's low intelligence and his instincts against him.

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More so he could see that he could kill the bear that had peaked in his rank and so Zhang Yi saw that he was safe at that level if he did not attack a group of wolves again in his next opponent Zhang Yi used his aura to suppress his enemy and killed him more easily.

And so by the end of the day he had killed ten beasts of rank 2, at this pace it would take close to 16 days for him to clear all the second level, after returning to his room, and doing what he always did not have to call Bai Cheng that day, he was still refining the pill and trying to rise from realm.

So Zhang Yi can relax on that day, he began to cultivate again because he had regained his mental energy as he climbed in layers, so now was the time to augment the cultivation of his body refinement a little so she would not need to use the spiritual energy of next baptism.

Now that his realm was higher, his elements were also more active, so much so that for a long-running fight Zhang Yi preferred to use the sword because he would use it with the help of his metal element and thus he was stronger and also spent less qi.

If he knew that Zhang Yi's cultivation would increase so fast, Elder Shen would have allowed him to take up higher-grade weapons, but if so, he could not use the energy of his celestial tribulation to increase the spear's grade and increase the potential and bond his and his weapon.

After all, his spear could be refined again by improving the materials, and along with the remnant energy of lightning and the laws of celestial tribulation, the spear could become a spiritual weapon in the future, and that weapon would have a greater connection with it.

The other day in the morning Zhang Yi again started his hunt to clear that level, but after and kill the beasts near the forest he found a spot that his mental energy could not verify how strange it seemed he did not enter that spot and tried to leave.

But as his mental energy was a little restricted he did not realize that a group of 12 wolves had surrounded the place where he was not knowing what to do, he tried to use his improved mental energy that hid his presence better.

But he did not know that a wolf that he had found alone and killed before was part of this group, and some of the wolf's blood was in his clothes, so the wolves followed him by the scent of his body.

So a while later the wolves approached even more and he finally realized that his concealment had not worked, but it was too late to flee, so he took his spear and threw all his strength and also his aura of blood and slaughter and surrounded him forming an area of

30 meters around it.

The wolves who were thirsty for revenge and for being larger in number and cultivation did not care, but as soon as two wolves entered the area they sank to the ground, Zhang Yi had at the time of battle learned to fuse his aura with his mental energy and his land attribute to create a stronger restraint area, so the battle was undefined.

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