22 Leaving the sect and Problems 5

After seeing the lack of courage and will Bai Cheng, Zhang Yi regretted a bit to have offered the chance to refine this pill to him, after all, he was using the precious treasure that his master gave, not even for him was being used.

It was a special cauldron of a master of pills that can automatically refine any pill below certain realm, just putting the right ingredients in it, and it looked like the refined pill would always be grade-point which was very rare to find, your mental energy and wait.

This was a divine treasure that if discovered would cause a total war after all the powers would want to hand it on because it was equal to a master of gold level pills or above.

So it was necessary for Zhang Yi to use as little as possible, and he was using now and was not even for own use.

Even so, he had already promised, so he took the ingredients of the final opening pill and placed in the cauldron, as he had never used before, Zhang Yi took great care and paid attention not to lose the ingredients.

After all the ingredients in the cauldron and begin to insert mental energy, the cauldron underwent a small change, below in the part where he placed the ingredients, a new part of the cauldron came out.

So using part of the mental and spiritual energy of Zhang Yi the cauldron began to control the fire alone and also put the ingredients gradually, Zhang Yi who had his mental energy in the cauldron felt the entire process step by step, as if he were personally refining.

So it seemed that in addition to refining the pills the cauldron could also improve the refining skills of its owner, Zhang Yi saw the order to put the ingredients and how the fire had to be adjusted to improve their melting.

So after more than 2 hours the cauldron opened up alone at the right time and took the pills, had 5 pills of rank peak, as promised Zhang Yi took 3 and left the others to give Bai Cheng, was for him to take all the 4, but as he would not use and just sell it he did not need as many.

It was good to give one more to make sure Bai Cheng did not tell him his secret, after that he just rested, he did not care if Bai Cheng was in a hurry or not, he could wait another day.

In the morning Zhang Yi took his sword and attacked the beasts of the first level again, he would try to kill as much as possible at once to be faster, the beasts who learned this began to separate to live, those that were together continued to be killed.

After all, it was the instinct of the animals to come together to survive, only the smarter who overcame this instinct with a bit of logic could live longer, Zhang Yi also began to get angry with the animals separating, but there was nothing he could do.

By the time the day was over, Zhang Yi had not yet managed to kill all the animals he needed, and he was still missing 15 for the other day, as he was different from Bai Cheng and had no time to return to the sect, Zhang Yi did not become too impatient, only he was annoyed at having to run after each of them.

At the end of the day after eating and preparing again he received the call of Bai Cheng, and so went immediately.

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"So how did you do it, did you refine the pill?"

"Of course, I said I would."

When he saw the two pills in the hands of Zhang Yi, Bai Cheng shuddered with excitement, the two pills exhaled spiritual energy, so he realized that they were two peak grade pills, not even the best master of the sect pills could do one in a round refineries but now had two in the hands of Zhang Yi.

He took the two pills with shaking hands, it was his future that was there, and being a peak quality pill, even if the person had a crappy talent could still cross, when he remembered that he had mistrusted Zhang Yi he was embarrassed, and also happy to have had the courage to put the ingredients in his hands.

"Thank you very much, I consider you my benefactor from now on, you can ask me what you want if it is not something against my principles I will do."

"I do not need anything as I said, I just did it because I liked your honesty and also because it's a matter of urgency now, and just to remind, never tell anyone that I refined the pills if you really believe in loyalty ; "

"You do not have to worry I guarantee that I will not tell anyone, and you can have this other pill I just need one."

"I already got what I needed that you can stay to use or sell, for me it does."

"Have you taken a few? How many pills did you refine? "

"That does not interest you, as you said yourself you only need one, instead of being good at keeping a secret sometimes it's better not even knowing."

It was a truth that Zhang Yi remembers that he heard his father say when he was a child, even if he is his wife or close friend, there are things that it is better not to share, if the person does not know he will be safer, in this world even more where he heard from his mistress that growers who can use mental power in larger realms can easily draw information from the weaker ones.

So he decided that he would not say anything that others did not need to know, a good example of this is his mental energy that is difficult to detect that someone cultivates, he did not tell the Elder Shen even trusting him, because at the moment it is something irrelevant, future if your mental energy has any use it will count.

In addition, Zhang Yi has many treasures in his body, even if it is impossible for anyone to use beyond it because of the marks of his masters, could still cause his death because of the gain.

"Also, it's good that you try to finish the first level as quickly as possible."

"I already killed 220 beasts, in 4 days I could clean, but now after taking a day to be able to break into Houtian realm I need only 1 more day, then in two days I'll clean."

"This is good, I know that the strength difference of one warrior in the level of qi accumulation and another in Houtian realm is very large, so I hope you do not delay in the second level too, so you should be able to get to Houtian realm intermediate layer and get out of here. "

"Is not it better than I expect you?"

"If you take too long I'll have cleaned the 4th level and then even if you do not want to reach me out there will be possible."

"You're trying to clear all 4 levels, that's impossible, in the fourth level have realm beasts Xiantian who can fight realm warriors core creation how do you hope to win?"

"I have confidence that after learning my martial arts, hardly anyone could defeat me in the same realm, or even one up, so if it is one against one I can beat the ones with lower layers, after all, I need to kill only 10."

Bai Cheng looked at Zhang Yi as if looking at a madman, Xiantian realm warriors could fly and fight for hours without getting tired, not to mention that some could control the laws of the elements, and rank 4 beasts could kill up to two of these warriors together.

Which is to say that Zhang Yi is stating that he had the strength of two warriors of the Xiantian peak realm, this was the size of the absurd that Bai Cheng was hearing, but as he knew that this young man would not listen to him he just shook the head and sighed.

In fact, this was the biggest difference between the two Zhang Yi is wise and also has a firm will and courage to meet challenges, this in addition to his talent and unshakeable martial heart, made his advancement in cultivation easier and he would not face bottlenecks.

Bai Cheng was the opposite, he cowardly and even with his great talent, is afraid of facing challenges, so he tried to cultivate faster to secure a stable position in the sect and to be able to cultivate quietly in the insurance of the sect.

Bai Cheng was so relaxed that for more than 8 years in the sect he never noticed anything wrong with her, as well as people like Deacon Chen who wanted to use their powers to step on others and achieve greater challenges.

And Zhang Yi who is only a few months in the sect had already realized that the sect was in danger and that the spies could be the cause of the destruction of this sect.

This was the difference of what both sought, Zhang Yi seeks strength and find the end of the martial way, for him the sect is only part of his path and not the end, but even so he is who was worrying more about the fate of the sect.

Bai Cheng, only wanted security, were it not for the fact that he had a strong personality and did not betray others, he could flee the sect in a possible fight in the future, he just wants to cultivate and then enjoy

And as it was seen in this situation, the two could find dangerous situations in the future, Zhang Yi will just try his best and destroy all his enemies, and Bai Cheng seeks the easy way to escape.

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