21 Leaving the Sect and Problems 4

"But if your base is no longer stable because of the drugs, why take a chance using that pill?"

"Usually you would be right, but this pill is special, the final pill is a pill that does not promote cultivation, it just attacks all its meridians without hurting you and then after your body gets emptier it helps you to absorb more spiritual energy, after which it assembles all the spiritual energy and attacks the cultivator's Dantian at once, the closer he is to the Houtian the easier it is to break, so this pill may even help strengthen its base. "

So Zhang Yi understood more not so much, but that was only because he did not need to open his meridians that were born open, all other cultivators understood the difficulty that was the second realm, in fact many said that the accumulation of qi was more difficult than the realm Houtian and Xiantian that require only time of accumulation and energy transformation, in the case of Houtian until the realm Xiantian had to take away the impurities of the qi.

But in the accumulation of qi, one had to in addition to understanding the realm, also opening the meridians what was something that could be dangerous and destroy the meridians and even cause the deviation of qi, so normally if the person did not have a great talent, they would not open all the meridians even if they knew it would affect cultivation, for fear of destroying minors or dying on the way.

So this pill was even recommended to be taken by many sects, because it would open many smaller meridians, and thus would improve the future basis of the cultivator, but Zhang Yi did not need for him this was the realm easier to pass.

"And why do not you make that pill and take it then?"

"It's a long story, but to summarize I offended a deacon in the sect and so he got no one to refine my pill, so I had to go out on the mission with the ingredients to find someone outside, but that deacon must have sent these guys behind me and you were involved, sorry. "

Now Zhang Yi understood why this disciple was so concerned about him, as the disciple had a weak martial heart, if he died because of him, he would have another barrier in his future advances.

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But even so Zhang Yi liked that the disciple was honest with him and did not hide the truth by pretending to be a victim, now he felt he could trust this disciple much more, and that was a bad situation even if they left here, maybe the 4 from the Houm realm to kill them.

"If you want I'm a Pill Master too, I can refine the pills for you."

"Do you refine pills?"

Bai Cheng looked at Zhang Yi suspiciously, it was normal, refining pills was a profession that took years to learn, and apprentices would not be able to refine a pill as the final opening, and even if they luckily got the degree of the pill would be too low and fewer pills would be made.

And Zhang Yi was only 13 years old and his cultivation was a low myth to support the whole refining process, in Bai Cheng's view even if Zhang Yi started refining pills in his mother's womb he still would not know enough.

"I appreciate your intentions, but you have to be at least a master of bronze rank pills to be able to refine the opening pill of the sky, and even if it did it would be a waste of materials."

"I am able to do this easily, it is up to you to believe me or not, after all, I do not gain anything by lying to vice, and I myself want this capacity of mine to be kept secret or it can bring many problems for me that I do not have the strength to protect me. "

"I understand that you have good intentions, but I can not play with it, this pill is the last chance that I have to become an external disciple without having to wait for another 4 years."

"Alright, you're the one who knows, but do not forget that you can not leave here alive or even in time to have a chance to become an outside disciple if I can refine that pill and you become a realm grower Houtian with the baptisms to clean the first and second level you may be able to call the realm Houtian intermediary and get out of here. "

"I myself should not stay here for long, now that I went through after I clean the second level, I must be able to advance to the Houtian realm, and so clean the third and fourth also, you be a Houtian is only insurance, think about it. "

After he said that Zhang Yi left, what he said was what he thought, with his strength jumping levels, when he reached the Houtian realm he could learn several martial techniques, and so clearing the 4 levels would be easy for him , and after he left he was more than confident in killing 4 Houtian realm growers.

Not to mention that when he arrived at the Houtian realm he would go through another tribulation which should make the force of his spear increase again, so he had reason to be confident if Bai Cheng did not trust him and did not take the chance the problem did not it would be his.

So the other day Zhang Yi went to a new round of slaughter, after another day he could now use his aura of blood-thirst and slaughter to affect the mentality of his opponent and at the same time restrict part of his strength and movements, he would use the aura of those he has already killed to kill even more, this was a good definition of his path of slaughter.

Although at the beginning being a bit scared to face an unknown enemy, now he knew that this enemy was beneath to be worthy of a challenge for him, luck that he got used to walking killing his enemies who were numerous but much weaker than they.

So he went everywhere on this level to find his enemies who were now hiding, but when they entered into the reach of his mental energy, it was certain death for the wild beasts, Zhang Yi was like a reaper that led the lives of all who he found it on the way.

After the end of the day, Zhang Yi had killed 200 beasts at the end and would probably clear Level 1 tomorrow, it was not something difficult, he expected more challenge of the next level that would have wild beasts with stronger layers than he, he knew he would win, but wanted a bigger challenge.

After he returned to his room Zhang Yi took a shower, changed his clothes and made his meal again after he finished Bai Cheng called him again, he thought a little and decided to go since he had nothing to do even.

After all, he could not cultivate now, because soon after clearing the first level he would receive a baptism of pure spiritual energy, and would suffer a great increase in his cultivation, he was thinking of using most of the energy for the mental cultivation that he is always slower, and then with the other two.

"You always call me on time, a little earlier, and yours was having dinner."

"I've been calling you for over two hours, but the voice must have stopped you from listening."

"So that's it, but even if I heard it I'd still have you wait, after all, it's not a question of life or death, and I do not want to talk about any hungry subject."

"You are very strange, growers nor do they need to eat to live like this is not necessary."

"People also need not have relationships to live, but many disciples have a harem."

"Okay, let's not talk about this, I decided to accept you refine the pill, I'll trust the chance of my life for you, do not let me down."

"The conversation is wrong here, so it seems like I need a favor and you're giving me a chance, but it's the opposite."

"I know I said it wrong but I'm very nervous, after all, I'm giving my future in your hands and I have not even seen you refine a pill before, and more I'll just want a pill if you refine the minimum that's 3, two of them are yours. "

"I do not need a pill like this, it will only disrupt my firm base rather than help in my cultivation, you also have to think more about your future on the martial path, you must challenge the heavens at every step, and using pill is like you have a hand pushing you in your footsteps, in the future when there is no one to push you, you will not advance any further because you never had the strength and the will. "

Zhang Yi's true words were like a sharp knife that tore at his heart, but even though he knew it was true, he had long since given up on the peak of the martial path, he just wanted to do his best while he was young and enjoy the rest of his life as an Elder of the sect.

Zhang Yi saw this and just shook his head in regret, it was true that regardless of talent a strong martial heart was the key to being a powerful cultivator, the weakest in mentality are getting in the way after facing difficulties, few will have to courage to face the heavenly tribulation.

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