20 Leaving the Sect and Problems 3

The voice only scorned Bai Cheng's thoughts, if Zhang Yi could be dead then Bai Cheng would have been dead long before, the voice just did not guarantee that he was safe because, in fact, it was not at all how anyone can guarantee that a cultivator will pass a safe tribulation.

Even so, it would not be for something like beasts of the first rank that a genius as he would die, but as Zhang Yi seemed to want to keep what happened and the voice did not want to undermine this talent she just said he could not answer.

And so one more day passed, Bai Cheng was very stressed because he knew that the chance that he died in this training existed and was very great, but the worst was that even if he did not die he would have lost any chance of becoming an external disciple of the sect.

Because even if by a miracle he passed alone to the Houtian realm before the age of 23, the sect would not have been able to prove that he was imprisoned in this world, and it would take at least a year for him to reach the intermediary realm of the Houtian realm, and cleaning up all levels for him was impossible.

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Bai Cheng could only kill 20 beasts a day on the first level if he continued this way he would need more than two weeks to clear the first level.

Zhang Yi soon after finishing stabilizing the energy in his body and cultivate, was now ready to see what was the first level, as soon as he left his room he saw that the green world again, had forests and mountains, rivers several places to that the beasts could live.

Zhang Yi soon climbed into a tall tree to be able to get an idea of

his location, in the future he could use his spiritual sense or his mental energy, but now from afar his vision was the best choice, just to feel closer enemies he wore his mental energy.

After he reached the first layer of the second realm Zhang Yi who now had the mental energy home now ready would make a village, he had to imagine in a space of several hundred yards several houses like his, as he had already imagined his home for the first realm was easier.

While creating the village in his mind he had to also imagine his house increasing in size and creating more rooms because he was the owner of his mental energy, his house could not be the same as the village.

The ultimate goal of his cultivation of mental energy was to be able to create a world in his mind with his mental energy, now was the easiest part, once he began to realize the laws of the world he would have to try to create an atmosphere in his energy mental with air, water, until one day it can lead to being alive inside.

So it was not normal for cultivators to have a hard time creating homes in their minds, or else in the future, it will be impossible to create the air and atmosphere that can not be seen so easily and only sensed, in which the perception of one would have an important factor.

After taking a look at Zhang Yi various animals at that level, land-like animals such as tigers and bears, eagles and wolves, what Zhang Yi wanted to know was whether these animals had the same habits as the land animals.

Because the bears were very territorial and generally liked to walk alone, the wolves, on the other hand, lived in groups, so for Zhang Yi, it would be easier to hunt bears because he would have fewer opponents.

Soon after only watching for a while Zhang Yi decided to attack, he took his spear that was now greenish and seemed to have a thunder contained in it because it was a good weapon to attack opponents that had longer ranges of attack than he, and was also his stronger weapon.

Usually a person could not use a weapon much stronger than his cultivation level, plus the level of Zhang Yi could use a bronze weapon well, and this spear was a bronze spear that only became Earth for sharing a tribulation with Zhang Yi, so she recognized him as her master and lent her powers to him.

Zhang Yi could use some mental techniques after reaching the second realm, as a partial shield and also hide his cultivation and presence very well, he was not invisible to anyone who was looking towards him but those who did not lay eyes on him could not feel his presence.

Soon Zhang Yi who was an experienced fighter approached the back of the bear that seemed to have skin and hair tougher than normal bears, and so struck with all his might and crossed the bear's throat, or so he intended, when he gave the blow the spear exploded the whole head and top of the body of the bear to the navel.

Zhang Yi was shocked by this, he could not realize before, but it seems that his caution was too exaggerated, and his strength was far greater than the animals of the first level, so Zhang Yi soon moved and decided to attack a group of wolves, it was crazy to even for a cultivator until in the Houtian realm do something like that.

But Zhang Yi who had many years of experience knew after his fight with the bear that was capable of this, he ran like a lion in the middle of the wolves and swung his sword that was best to hunt groups, wolves who could not feel the force of Zhang Yi were furious at this.

But soon they saw that whenever he swung his sword two or three wolves were cut in half or beheaded, after a while Zhang Yi no longer hid his strength and also a huge aura of death qi and slaughter left the body of Zhang Yi as spirits those he had killed awakened and left his body.

It was the first time that Zhang Yi was in a battle after returning to the age of 12, so it took a while but all the millions of lives that Zhang Yi has already killed would not disappear like that.

The difference was that Zhang Yi was not a person without intelligence now and immediately knew to dominate and to use that aura to his will, thus he only directed to his enemies, it was an aura that leaves his body seemed to the karmic will that came from the monks only with evil energy.

A normal person would have gone crazy with this energy, more like Zhang Yi at the time did not have much intelligence this energy accumulated and even helped a little to refine his body, and also more than anything in 400 years refined his martial heart that was hardened for having passed the path of slaughter, for Zhang Yi now killing was like waving his hand.

When the wolves came out of panic and managed to attack Zhang Yi, their teeth and claws seemed to hit metal when they hit Zhang Yi's body, and when they tried to use their energy to reinforce Zhang Yi's mental energy attacks, he nullified.

So the wolves could not even think of running away and could only wait for their deaths while they saw their relatives being killed, Zhang Yi did not care, he did not care about killing humans so he would refuse to kill beasts, not to mention that it would be hypocritical for him to feel sorry knowing he would have to kill to live or just to get resources.

After the smell of the wolves' blood floated in the formerly calm forest and many animals who felt this smell began to approach, then what happened to them was death, at the end of the first day Zhang Yi had killed more than 100 wild beasts of rank 1, because in a moment the beasts began to flee from him.

After he returned to his room Zhang Yi took a shower and then prepared his first meal in days, and as soon as he thought of sleeping the voice warned that Bai Cheng was calling for him again, he thanked the voice and went to meet his colleague, he felt a little touched when he learned that a person he met a few days ago was worried about him.

"So you were really alive, and you do not look hurt either, I was worried because I thought you were already dead."

"No, I was just closing myself to make a breakthrough to the realm of qi accumulation since the situation is so dangerous it seems like everything went well."

"I understand, but it seems that everything went well, although I could not feel its aura its energy perished to have become stronger, it is good that you had this advance now, I wish I had been so lucky, if I was in realm Houtian with the energy baptisms I could get out of here more easily. "

"What happened so you do not make this breakthrough?"

"I had a great opportunity to live and my heart Dao is not very firm, in addition, as I cultivated very fast these last few years with the help of medicines, my base is not very stable now, so I have to turn to the help of a pill to pass to the Houtian realm. "

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