19 Leaving the Sect and Problems 2

[This is the world of hope, a place that was created by several ancient sects in time of wars to be able to create the greatest geniuses of that continent, this challenge of geniuses is a place of challenges, fights and clear of rewards, the better you are the more you earn.]

[As this is a place of geniuses who can defy various calls in the least cultivation to challenge their enemies, including the wild beasts that are stronger than normal growers, so this place has a limit of cultivation, if you get to the Houtian intermediate realm You're kicked out of here.]

[This challenge has 4 levels and has no time limit to complete, you have to clear the 4 levels or reach the realm limit to be able to leave this place, the first level is a size of thousands of kilometers and has only wild beasts of 1 level that equates to the first human realm and so on up to the fourth level which has level 4 beasts which equals the Xiantian realm.]

[Beasts in levels can these in any layer of force within realms, be careful not to be careless and be killed, after killing the necessary number of beasts to move to the next level, if you are not confident in your strength you can if you cultivate here that has a stronger concentration of spiritual energy than out there.]

[And if you need resources you can trade through your points that are gained by killing wild beasts, 1 level 1 beast is worth 10 points, 1 level 2 is worth 100 points, a level 3 is worth 1000 points and a level 4 is worth 10,000 points that can be exchanged through the store that I will show you in the future.]

[The rules are that to clear level 1 you have to exterminate 300 beasts rank 1, to clear the level 2 you have to exterminate 200 beasts rank 2, to clear the level 3 you have to exterminate 100 beasts rank 3 and to clear the level 4 and be able to leave as winner from here you need to exterminate 10 beasts rank 4.]

[The rewards of each clean level are baptisms of pure spiritual energy that will be given at each level, what you can absorb will depend on your talent and luck, and to clean the fourth level you gain a special reward.]

[Now I'm going to separate them, you can only get together at night if both of you want to and if you're not already doing the challenge.]

As soon as the voice finished speaking they were separated and each was in a room, had only one bed and a kind of campfire near a lake, the lake was full of fish and near him had food that Zhang Yi remembers see in their meals.

[Young this is the place you will stay while resting from your challenging days, you can tell me if you need anything I will see if I can make you just get in the challenges the day you want if you want to close yourself to cultivate can Also, there are water fish and spiritual foods that you can prepare when you want.]

"And I have reached a point of my cultivation that I can cross at any moment, but when I cross it will attract a celestial tribulation, I would like to know if this place is isolated from the vision of others and if it is suitable to face a celestial tribulation? "

[Really a talent as exceptional as yours should even go through a round of celestial tribulation at every level even though I have never seen anything like it, but you can rest assured that this room is adequate and no one will be able to see what's going on here .]

"I thank you then."

Zhang Yi wanted to finish his mission first and find a suitable place to go through his tribulation, but as this was an isolated place and also Zhang Yi would have to fight a lot in these coming months, it was time to go through the first tribulation.

He first straightened up in a state of mind and drew his spear from his space in his mind, then he took off all the pieces of clothing because they would disintegrate and saw if he was prepared with the mantras of his next stages of cultivation.

After that, he concentrated and fully activated his body that went through the body refining to the first layer of the second realm and was in the second thus forming a kind of shield in his body, then fully activated his mental energy that was at the beginning of the eighth layer and formed another layer of shield.

And just so began to pass the mantra of the initial layer of the realm of qi accumulation and immediately crossed over to another realm, so the spiritual energy began to stir strongly around Zhang Yi and after a few minutes had formed a huge cloud that had a strong energy capable of killing someone weaker from the intermediary layer of the realm qi accumulation.

And as soon as the cloud formed it began to throw lightning that had green colors that were the color of the weaker ones, was formed of special laws and also pure spiritual energy, usually falls 6 lightning representing 6 laws.

The first lightning that fell was a lightning bolt with the laws of the earth, fell directly and crossed the barrier of mental energy directly, but after losing strength was stopped in the shield on the skin of the body refinement, thus in addition to a burning sensation only spiritual energy pure and earthly laws passed through the body of Zhang Yi.

As the earth was the main element of Zhang Yi's body his body can absorb better while the spiritual energy of his increased body was also purified, his body also took advantage of the baptism of celestial lightning to be tempered and his mind took much of the pure spiritual energy to transform into mental energy.

In the sky, the clouds stopped as if they expected Zhang Yi to take his time to absorb spiritual energy, even the voice he was seeing was hard to believe, it was as if heavenly tribulation was a reward with Zhang Yi's talent and not a punishment.

After he finished refining dropped the second lightning that had the laws of the water element, the lightning passed through the barrier of mental energy and again stopped at the skin shield, then the pure spiritual energy and water element laws passed through the body of Zhang Yi.

And so he took advantage and made the same cultivation sequence as the first lightning, but as the element was water he lost a lot of energy and had less time, this was also a great opportunity for Zhang Yi to feel the laws that would normally only begin to be understood in the Xiantian realm.

Then the lightning of the fire, wood, and metal elements passed through Zhang Yi's body, which as the main element of Zhang Yi helped him more, and instead of looking like a punishment from the heavens, helped to promote his cultivation.

Just the last lightning that was of lightning's laws that despite representing life were also the most destructive, it came with lightning the size of an arm and then hit Zhang Yi, passed the barrier of mental energy that had been strengthened by energy absorbed as a paper and also crossed the skin shield of his body refinement.

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Seeing that voice became a little more pleased, now yes it's a real tribulation she thought, but as she was rejoicing Zhang Yi picked up his spear that had the brass level lightning element and used to share the charge of his body.

The energy of the lightning of tribulation was already much weaker after passing through the barrier of mental energy and the skin shield of the body refinement was more attracted by the spear that had already absorbed energy from the other five lightnings of the tribulation and was stronger, so it was more smooth for Zhang Yi refine.

The spear that went through all the tribulation with Zhang Yi was also greatly strengthened and refined and advanced from the brass peak level to the initial Earth level, now had a strong element of lightning carrying the force of a tribulation.

After the tribulation, Zhang Yi calmed down and began to cultivate to enjoy all the spiritual energy that was in the environment and in his body.

When he awoke his eyes glowed, he used a lot of pure spiritual energy and turned directly into mental energy passing straight through the eighth and ninth layers, reaching the first layer of the second realm.

In addition, he passed straight through the middle layer and reached the advanced layer of body refinement and also came straight past the first and second layers, and reaching the third layer of the second realm, of course this was only possible because he had understood what was necessary to reach that level and also had the meridians open since birth, otherwise that would not be possible.

Now Zhang Yi could easily defeat Bai Cheng in a fight, and as he went through a celestial tribulation although his cultivation had advanced rapidly his base was stable as ever, and even more pure after the tribulation, so beyond his throws, the strength of Zhang Yi has been increased to another level.

Although it seemed to pass quickly a week had passed already, and every night Bai Cheng called for him, it seemed that he had even asked the voice if Zhang Yi had not died and so could not answer, after all even Bai Cheng was having problems with the strongest beasts of the first level how much more Zhang Yi that for him was still at the peak of the first realm.

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