18 Leaving the Sect and Problems 1

After that, the disciplinary Elder told Bai Cheng that deacon Chen and his grandson Wang Fu had been arrested and for ten years could not cultivate so he would not be in danger.

When he heard this Bai Cheng was very happy, he had become very angry because deacon Chen almost caused his death and was threatening him long ago, just as he was angry he remembered that some disciples of the sect worshiped the Elder discipline was fair and defended the disciples without support if they were right.

So he went to complain, but as soon as the Elder went out to investigate he repented, although he knew he was right, he was still only a disciple and did not think a deacon would be punished for doing something to him and after that punishment, he would be dead.

But now he was pleasantly surprised because the disciplinary Elder was actually just as the others said, he was happy to be so brave because now he was free of a big problem.

And he also thought that as the Elder said he would be safe, after all, no one in the sect would go out of his way to take revenge on deacon Chen who was wrong, moreover, Bai Cheng would soon be an outward disciple and could become an Elder in the future, so no one wanted to get on their bad sides for nothing.

But what neither he nor the disciplinary Elder thought was that deacon Chen was a spy and had contacts outside the sect, so Bai Cheng would still be in danger if he left the sect to do missions.

After that, Bai Cheng left and asked if anyone would like to refine his pills, but no one accepted yet, after all the deacon should have paid something to them, and the deacon was only arrested and not dead and would leave in ten years, no one he thought Bai Cheng would become a deacon by then, so it would not be worth offending a deacon.

So Bai Cheng was forced to go to the mission building to apply for a mission and after that refine the pill elsewhere on the outside, so he accepted a simple mission to look for some herbs near the city of zinc.

It was a double mission and their partner had already chosen their first mission and they were leaving tomorrow at 10 am Bai Cheng did not care about it because it was normal for the sect to form random partnerships for missions with such rich low, they said was to encourage the friendship and fellowship of members of the same sect.

The next day Bai Cheng had come to the meeting place near the main gate of the sect, and there stood a disciple who was younger than him, this disciple was staring into the void, seemed to be sleeping if he were not with his eyes open.

When he looked closely at this disciple he was surprised, the boy seemed to be between 13 and 14 years old and had long hair and a deep look, the most impressive is that Bai Cheng could not feel what was the cultivation of the young man, he just knew which would not be greater than yours.

While he was distracted looking at the boy, the disciple turned his gaze to him and asked.

"You, too, going to the city of zinc?"

"Yes I am, and my name is Bai Cheng and I am at the peak of the last layer of the realm of qi accumulation."

"I am Zhang Yi, I am the peak of the ninth layer of the first realm, I will have to leave the sect to look for something to make a breakthrough because of my physique."

Yes the youth who would partner with Bai Cheng for this mission was Zhang Yi who had reached the peak of the seventh layer of mental energy and entered the octave as well, it was time for him to leave the sect to face the celestial tribulation and then he would give a return to the mortal world after completing the mission.

"It has not reached the second realm and is going out for a mission, not very advisable, all the big cities of the Silver kingdom have many growers who could kill you with one blow, the sect recommends that only disciples at the beginning of the second realm on missions, how old are you? "

"13 years."

"13 years and already at the peak of the first realm you must be a genius, you will have no difficulty in becoming an external disciple and maybe even an intern, I recommend that you stay in the security of the sect until you move on to the next realm."

"I appreciate your good intentions, but I really need something outside the sect to be able to move on to the next realm, so I will have the strength to do that mission."

"Well, if you insist, I will not stop you, so I'll do my utmost to help you complete the mission and return safely."

"Thank you very much."

So Zhang Yi and Bai Cheng left the sect to complete Zhang Yi's first mission, but what they did not know is that after leaving a few miles from the sect on the way to their mission site, a group of 4 Houtian realm warriors was following them.

When a disciple enters the sect and moves on to the second realm, the sect causes the disciples to put some of their essence of soul inside of glass that is in a well-kept place that always has someone watching, if any disciple is killed The last 10 seconds of the disciple's death are stored in those glasses that crack when someone dies.

So deacon Chen warned these warriors not to kill Bai Cheng and who else would be with him but the sect would distrust so he ordered them to play Bai Cheng in a secret world of training for geniuses, this world is full of fierce beasts ranging from rank 1 that is equal to human body refinement and go up to rank 4 which is the human Xiantian realm.

In this world you have to exterminate 300 beasts rank 1 200 beasts rank 2 and 100 beasts rank 3 and 10 beasts rank 4, this world is divided between four levels in which beasts are separated in each rank, the requirement to be able to stay in the world is below the realm Houtian middleman, so the deacon said that if Bai Cheng was lucky he could come out alive.

Still the rewards are very good also, after meeting the requirements of a level, the challenger receives a pure spiritual energy baptism, if you receive the baptisms of the first and second level you can advance any layer below the Xiantian realm, but only if his talent is medium, because baptism is of much pure spiritual energy, but depends on the talent of one how much it can absorb.

The problem is that cultivators who are not geniuses are able to face at most one beast that is 2 layers below their cultivation, so even if the reward is good if people are lucky it completes the 2 levels, then it is impossible.

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After a time travel Zhang Yi and Bai Cheng were near the entrance of the world without knowing, so the 4 Houtian warriors immediately launched an attack against the two, they tried to defend themselves but soon realized that the 4 were in the Houtian realm, so they tried to flee, and the four persecutors let them flee only to the path that led to the entrance of the world.

The two who fell into the trap entered the world and soon found themselves in a green field and realized that they were not in the same place as before, so they thought it was teleportation, but soon they heard a voice that ended this idea.

[Welcome to the two challengers who are trying to challenge the geniuses of the world of hope, a few tens of years ago we did not have new challenges, the first is a 13-year-old peasant, ninth-tier culture of the first qi realm, of the eighth layer of mental energy, beginning of the intermediate layer of body refinement, talent valued as exceptional, we have high hopes for you.]

The voice that seemed ethereal and not really said in a few moments all the cultivations of Zhang Yi, lucky that she did it only for his mind and Bai Cheng did not listen.

[Young number 2, 22 years old, peak second realm cultivation, low rated talent, we hope you do not die and leave here when you reach the required cultivation.]

It was a huge difference what the voice said to them, but that was the difference between their talents.

More was also true, if the place had a function was to be made, if the voice knew that Bai Cheng could not clear the 4th level and win the final prize then all this would not make sense, it's like a company that makes games, some sadists usually make games to be finalized and for the customer to have fun, nobody wants their game to be played by someone who is not able to reach the end.

[Now I will explain to you the purpose of this world, you two will not be able to participate in this test together so after explaining everything I will separate them, at the end of the day if both want I can leave them in a room to talk, now I I'll start.]

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