224 Insanely Cultivating 8

After that more elders were captured, but they were all from the emptiness realm and there was no one else from the emperor's realm, after Sword Sect ended the infiltration elimination this year's tournament was over again.

The next tournament would probably be one of the largest in history and the whole divine plane would participate in that tournament, it was also a chance that many of the organization's infiltrators would be killed and the divine plane would become cleaner again.

For that to happen Zhang Yi was very important to Sword Sect and the whole continent, so now it was certain that Sword Sect would accept Zhang Yi's condition and even if they became enemies of the Sacred Phoenix Sect would still force elder Su Lian to come to the next tournament.

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So Zhang Yi was closer to his goal to find out what happened to his master Feng Ran, he had to figure out how he could figure out Su Lian's motives for doing what she did and betraying her husband's trust.

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