223 Insanely Cultivating 7

All of the leading Sword Sect elders already knew that it was Zhang Yi who could discover the organization's infiltrators, only Sword Sect's most trusted people knew about it so they wouldn't end up telling anyone about it.

Even if there were no spies and no infiltrates on Sword Sect, no elder could talk about it unintentionally and that would kill Zhang Yi if it happened, so only the most reliable knew about it.

Zhang Yi was feeling uncomfortable throughout the tournament because he could not use his mental energy freely because of these two Sword Sect elders, luckily he could use his special eyes to find the infiltrates of the other sects.

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Just as Zhang Yi thought the ninth-level elders of the emperor's realm watched Zhang Yi all the time during this tournament to try to uncover any secrets he had, they were disappointed when they saw that Zhang Yi never fought to win this tournament.

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