222 Insanely Cultivating 6

Elder Wang told Zhang Yi that he would have to wait longer to hear an answer about the condition he proposed, and Zhang Yi, who had hoped for it, quietly accepted, was 5 years before the next tournament anyway.

Soon the Soulbirth realm disciples' tournament was about to begin, as everyone expected Zhang Yi took one of the 4 Sword Sect spots and would not fight from the start and would be in the top 64.

As everyone knew Zhang Yi's strength no one found this surprising, in fact, these tournaments were meaningless because everyone just hoped it was over and Sword Sect would capture the infiltrators of the soul-eater organization.

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Zhang Yi thought the organization would do its best not to send anyone undercover to this tournament, but then he realized why he could still see several undercover disciples and elders, first because it was the sects who chose who would go to the tournament.

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