221 Insanely Cultivating 5

"I'm going be honest, elder Wang, I was really very angry when I first heard about it, the sect is pretty much counting on me without asking for my opinion to do something like this that is very risky."

"Even if it were for the peace of the continent I don't like the others making decisions for me, besides, as you may already know, it's impossible for me to say who the organization's infiltrators are without the divine realm elders of the other sects not know it's me."

"But for you and for elder Lu I have decided to accept helping the sect even though I know it could end my life in the future, but for that to happen I have a condition that has to be accepted by the sect no matter how."

"What condition?"

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"I want Sword Sect to use its authority and make sure Sacred Phoenix Sect elder Su Lian comes to this tournament and that I can meet her even if I can't talk to her."

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