219 Insanely Cultivating 3

Even if enemies tried to use the other laws that had an intermediate or basic understanding they couldn't, so it was only a matter of time before Elder Lu killed these two.

When the fight between the three moved away from where Zhang Yi was he went and discreetly used his sacred domain only where the nearly dead enemy that Elder Lu attacked was, the other two and elder Lu thought that this warrior was dead and only Zhang Yi found that no.

Zhang Yi used his emperor rank spear and used the dragon thrust technique along with the feather rain technique and attacked 20 times in the same place where the enemy warrior was wounded, with such an attack the nearly dead enemy finally died.

Zhang Yi used the essence of his phoenix flame in this attack to attack with all his might and also to destroy that enemy's soul, all because he was angry at being attacked and also because he had used these undiscoverable techniques.

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