195 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 9

This prize for Zhang Yi was certainly more valuable than the pills, it was a pity that he could only participate in the soul-birth realm disciple tournament, otherwise, he could win 1 million high-level spirit stones.

Zhang Yi had hundreds of millions of high-end spirit stones, but in those nearly 12 years of divine plane cultivation with time in the distorted timeline, he used millions of spiritual stones with his wives.

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Zhang Yi knew it was difficult to get high-level spiritual stones from the divine plane and he could live tens of thousands of years to reach the divine realm, so those spiritual stones he had might not be enough for him and his wives to use.

Of course, after Zhang Yi reached the realm of emptiness he could have the strength to get millions of high-end spirit stones if he refined pills to auction he would have no problem with spirit stones in all his cultivation time.

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