194 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 8

So the days went by and who would go to the tournament was chosen, because of the promises of Zhang Yi and the sect the disciples of the soul-birth realm were the most vying to participate in the tournament.

After all, it was much easier to become the second of the sect than the first of the tournament, they just had to be better than the other disciples of the same sect, Du Chen and Li Tang didn't even want to participate in the tournament because they knew they couldn't.

They still did some missions with Zhang Yi when they needed it, but now that they knew of Zhang Yi's royal strength they were even ashamed to be proud to help him during sectional missions when they were in the weaker territories.

Also, because they were friends of Zhang Yi who was a recognized genius they had the respect of the other disciples who didn't want problems with Zhang Yi who were almost all in the sect.

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