193 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 7

In those two years, Zhang Yi has done many difficult missions and so has earned respect from the elders and the other disciples and with the warnings given about him from the elders no one tried to cause any trouble for Zhang Yi.

Even the leading disciples who were in the void realm treated Zhang Yi as someone on the same level as them because Zhang Yi was under 40 and they knew that Zhang Yi was much more talented than them.

Not to mention that many already knew that Zhang Yi had the strength of the soul refinement realm at the peak even though he was in the soul birth realm on the first level, it showed that he was actually almost on the same level as them.

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In those years Zhang Yi's wives also had a breakthrough in their cultivation, Lusserina and Saphielle reached the advanced layer of the fourth level of the mortal tribulation realm, the twins were also in the advanced layer of the fourth level of the mortal tribulation realm.

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