192 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 6

At first Elder Lu could not understand what Zhang Yi was doing, she was surprised at how quickly he killed the wild beasts of the soul birth realm because she paid no special attention to Zhang Yi during the war between sects.

But as they went deeper into the territory, she realized that Zhang Yi always strayed from the paths where she had wild beasts of soul refinement realm and the territories where she had beasts of emptiness realm.

Even though she only realized the presence of these beasts after a long time that Zhang Yi had already strayed, so she knew that it was true that Zhang Yi could more easily search for enemies in the quests he did.

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Zhang Yi walked the safest and fastest path he could find, but near where the grass the sect wanted was two level-10 wild beasts, Zhang Yi had expected this because he knew the wild beast he was facing and also knew that normally near the most valuable herbs there were always wild beasts guarding the herbs.

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