191 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 5

So Zhang Yi understood that he had to spend the years normally cultivating as everyone did, he would have no real gain cultivating within the timeline either, after all, he would age the same way, the difference was that little time would spend in normal time.

But since Zhang Yi was in no hurry to get strong after being protected by the Sword Sect, it was better that he just spend the years normally and that would give his masters time to come looking for him.

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If another 10 years passed it was impossible that his masters could not find him, so what had happened was that his masters had given up on him, Zhang Yi hoped that would not happen because he had just gotten to the divine plane so quickly just to meet his masters.

Zhang Yi had already regretted not using one of the tokens when he arrived at the divine plane if he did he would be at the side of one of his masters at least, he hoped his masters would not be disappointed in him and still look for him.

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