188 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 2

After this war Sword Sect disciples and deacons had a few days to rest after traveling back to the sect, Zhang Yi did not need to rest because he had not been nervous during this war.

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Even so, he took advantage of the rest given to all the disciples to go into his mental energy world and see his wives, during the war he could not risk entering his mental energy world because he would risk having his secret uncovered.

But in the sect he had placed several matrices in the house that had been given to him and none of the elders could discover anything he did without destroying all the matrices he created, that even surprised the 11 elders when they returned to the sect after all none of them could see what was going on at Zhang Yi's house.

But the elders knew that Zhang Yi was a special Sword Sect disciple and so they said nothing, and it was Zhang Yi who had created these restrictions with his materials, so the sect could not say anything about it.

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