187 Going to the Stronger Territories of the Sword Sect 1

When the Western Sea Sect elders arrived, everyone from the sect was very happy, everyone knew the reinforcements would arrive quickly, but they were worried because they didn't know how long it would take.

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Hundreds of thousands of disciples and many deacons were killed or wounded and everyone knew that Western Sea Sect could not stand much longer in this war, fortunately, now that 8 elders arrived at Western Sea Sect would surely win this war.

The elders had a small meeting with the cult deacons to find out what was going on and were saddened to know that the sect was losing the war that way, the elders learned about Zhang Yi and decided they would kill him if he could in the next attack.

Even if these elders had come as reinforcements, they could not stay long in this war and had to help Western Sea Sect of that territory to end this war quickly.

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