7 Fresh Start 3

It was exactly as they said, the side effect of this taboo technique was that it erased all the memories of people before the age that returned, as well as cultivation, plus what they did not know is that they still had fragments, and also the person's martial heart is the same as before returning, and Zhang Yi had a heart of rock after 400 years of cultivating suffering and meditation, he lost all ties and then killed millions of enemies, and then isolated himself to cultivate only with his talent and instincts , this made his martial heart very strong, and the things that Zhang Yi found very important not to forget how his intelligence was too low he kept in his heart so he knew that his parents had died of old age quietly, also knew that he had already stayed very strong plus nothing more about it and also knew that someone had helped him for hundreds of years.

Just as he also got his brain and sent him here, he looked at his mind and his consciousness moved to space, in that space had several jade strips, a cauldron, and two tokens, he took a jade and passed his mental energy on this tab by instinct.

There he saw some information for him to know everything that happened that two experts had used a technique that he could never tell anyone and that this technique had brought his body back to age 12, and also these two experts had sent Zhang Yi to another world so that he could train and cultivate so that when he reached a certain strength he could ascend to the divine plan and choose one of those tokens.

There he also said that jade was useful so that, and the technique they contained, he also said that when he was ready he could go and try to enter some sect to cultivate and obtain resources.

So Zhang Yi took the two tokens and placed them on the ground kneeling and bowed three times saying 'masters'.

In the heart of Zhang Yi, these people who did so much for him without being his family deserved to be called the master and all the respect of the world.

After Zhang Yi decided to follow the councils of his masters and went to look for a sect to enter, he was not afraid of being robbed because there was nothing, and the space in his mind could not be taken by anyone, so he walked quietly by forest, he encountered some animals along the way and killed some of them to feed himself after he found a river and cleaned himself and was passing the time as an adventurer before arriving in town.

When night came he searched for a cave to sleep in it, after all in the night could appear wild animals in such a forest.

After he entered the cave, he went to the bottom of it and found there a man who was dead, he had a cut in the belly that had taken his bowels out, he did not seem to have been very strong while he was alive, this man had a leather armor on his body that looked very good so Zhang Yi took it for him, also took the sword that was on the floor and a leather bag that was on the man's waist.

After all, Zhang Yi did not think a dead man would need these things more he needed, inside the bag had a map and 40 silver coins, he put everything he found in the space of his mind and just left the map back to study a little.

Looking at the map Zhang Yi recognized the river he was on and saw that a two-day walk had a sect near the mountain, this was a sect of the right path which was one of the four strongest in the country, the name of that country was Silver.

This is because the people who founded this country saw that this is the place of the continent that most had silver mines, and he thought it would be the richest country in the future, but what this founder should not expect is that afterward several sects practicing alchemy and some trading companies would form a new country for them to live in, and that country became the richest.

The sect to which Zhang Yi had to go now was one of the continent's six strongest sects, the Iron sect that only accepted cultivators who wanted to follow the path of body refinement, so it was the right place for him, the problem is that he realized that this path would not be smooth as evidenced by the dead cultivator near him, moreover this sect as one of the strongest on the continent should not accept any uncultured person.

So then Zhang Yi decided to stay in this cave for a while and increase his strength before going to this sect, he vaguely remembered that he had already done it without spiritual energy and still did it quickly.

So now it should not take that long for him to increase his strength, be it mental energy, body refinement or the cultivation of qi everyone has the same stages and cultivation realms, so what Zhang Yi wanted to do is first start cultivating his mental energy and after entering the first realm of body refinement and after cultivation, he was going to do it first because he could at first his talent would make it easier to cultivate.

He had seen in the records that his masters left for him that he had several reasons that a cultivator could skip steps and even farming realms to fight with others, the first is how stable his cultivation is if you have trained the best you can in step that you are your cultivation will be much more stable you will not have bottlenecks at the next level and also your future will be better, therefore, you should cultivate calmly until the next level comes naturally.

So if your opponent does not have a stable cultivation you can skip steps and fight with him on a lower level, another reason is weapons and arts, that's the slightly more external factor, the better the weapons, or better, the rank of martial arts can also face opponents stronger than you.

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Another point is how many cultivations you do if you do mental energy cultivation, plus qi cultivation and body refinement, you can skip several layers of cultivation and have more stamina in the fights.

It also has the attribute and the lineage, this can not change the lineage can be changed or improved at the beginning of cultivation, but it gets less and less difference.

Just as there are several ways, Zhang Yi was thinking of cultivating his mental energy in a larger realm because it is harder to spot this type of cultivation.

So he entered with his consciousness in his spatial storage that was in his mind and sought the jade with the first level of mental energy cultivation, the more he did not think then he remembered that his master had put directly into his consciousness, as it became more easy to learn.

So he soon began to cultivate the technique called cultivation method for mental energy divine level peak illuminated, the name illuminated is because they say that when he reached the peak of the technique his mind besides powerful remained clean, so it was easy to get into a state of illumination that can make you break a bottleneck more easily and sometimes raise your cultivation by several steps or master a high-level technique.

It was a very good ability to have in a higher realm of cultivation that sometimes left you stuck in a bottleneck to death.

He passed the phrases of cultivation technique in his head and immediately began to draw energy from the world, it was the same spiritual energy that was purified by phrases and after following a certain path that the creator of the technique designated became pure mental energy.

The first layer of the first realm of the mental energy technique consisted of creating a place in his mind when that place was fully formed if it reached the first level.

So much depended on the cultivator's perception and talent that was the mind's connection to spiritual energy, and as we have seen, Zhang Yi's talent and perception were so great that they could steal energy from stronger specialists.

So he just had to imagine a place and pass the technique mantra on his head, so after two days of training, the first layer of the technique was achieved.

The second layer of mental training consisted in giving more shape to this created place in the cultivator's mind, so that place would become more realistic until in the third layer it would completely form.

The place chosen by Zhang Yi was a small house, that was the tip of his teacher, the smaller the place was and the more realistic it was in the person's mind the cultivation was faster, then what he had to do was reinforce that house and then to create a village and increase with cultivation, it was also important that this house of his imagination was not a real place, otherwise it would block the cultivator's mind when the place was complete.

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