6 Fresh Start 2

So after they saw no cloud formed over their heads the two sighed in relief, and then they were ashamed after all a cultivator is someone who should defy the heavens and not be afraid of it, but many growers have died because of tribulations.

"Then we will choose what to give to him, he needs many things to cultivate until he reaches the divine realm, but we can not give material things, otherwise he can be killed by the gain of others and be lazy and not fight for anything."

"I will give him all the layers of my body-strengthening technique, he did until after the sixth step so now he will do more, I will also give a divine culturing technique peak, which uses the two elements he has in the body, and also some martial techniques from movement, swords, spears, fighting and the heart. "

"I'm going to give him a divine mental cultivation technique and also some soul techniques for him to use with his mental energy, and I'll put it all in his mind and unlock it with seals, at the point where his cultivation reaches a certain level."

"Put mine too straight into his mind and put stamps on it, so it's a good idea not to be stolen."

"I can not, I can only convey techniques via mental energy that I cultivated myself."

"Then you can not do anything, just clean his brain with your mental energy before you forget."

"I will not forget the most important part."

Soon the yellow specialist went to Zhang Yi and passed the mental energy through all the meridians to his brain.

As soon as she did, the two heard a noise as if a dam had cracked as if a seal had been removed from a sleeping beast.

And so all the spiritual energy that had been left on earth by the spiritual stones that the blue specialist left on earth was sucked into the body of Zhang Yi as if it were a black hole until some of the energy of the two experts was being taken.

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When they saw this scene they were both shocked again, it was as if he were a cursed person who was healed as if heaven were afraid of his talent and sent him to this land without spiritual energy, he was absolutely a legendary divine talent in all parts of the cultivation.

So one looked at the other, if any of them knew it was going to be so they would have taken him to the divine realm no matter what sacrifice they had to make especially the blue specialist, he laughed at himself when he thought it was not worth it do this by Zhang Yi, if it was not worth anyone in the world worth.

The more they knew that it was too late, now they had to hope that Zhang Yi would choose them when he went to the divine kingdom, which would not belong.

So the blue specialist looked at Zhang Yi for a long time, actually even if he did not go to his sect he would still help this kid as he was doing now, after all, they spent together for over 400 years, there is no way he can not sticking to Zhang Yi.

Not to mention after he knew he could have cured Zhang Yi when he met him, so now that he knew his talent was even greater than he imagined he decided to make a sacrifice.

So over the yellow specialist's eye, he took out a large bottle that seemed to contain almost a liter, this bottle had a gold color and exuded an intimidating aura and incredible spiritual energy contained in it.

"Help me put that blood on his body."

"What blood is that."

"It is the essence blood of a true dragon with attributes of metal and earth that I killed with some colleagues hundreds of years ago, I used or sold all parts of the dragon most maintained their blood essence, as my lineage and the whole my sect is from a phoenix I had no way to use and found a waste sell, so I saved now fate brought me to Zhang Yi who has the same attributes as this dragon, in addition with all this talent the only thing that can safely it is the fact that he does not have a lineage, but now he will have. "

"I really respect your decision to give this blood to him, and I will help you with that, after all I think we can already consider ourselves masters of him, when he goes to the divine kingdom we will all meet, after all with a destiny as strong as his I can not imagine that anyone could kill him. "

Then the two again joined hands to put all the essence of the blood of the dragon in Zhang Yi and thus seal part of its potency so it does not explode with all the energy contained in it, so as it grows in its cultivation it will assimilate more with the blood of the dragon.

"So since you gave this incredible gift I cannot stay behind, I'm going to give him that rare mental space seal that I myself have used, it's similar to a space ring more is even more expensive and important because it can stay in your mind and no one can steal so you can put their techniques into it, I'll also put a seal on it that it will only be able to use these techniques when its cultivation reaches a certain level. "

"That's a really good gift, it's going to be very useful to him for a lifetime."

"And also I am going to give him the special cauldron that I have created that alone creates any medicinal pill into the realm of Soul Refinement, only needing to put the ingredients and provide mental energy that the oven does the rest alone."

"This will also be very helpful to him, these gifts really can match my divine blood."

Hearing this the yellow specialist satisfied his ego a little, of course, she knew it was not really so, just that blood p is useful for cultivation and future and the things she gave serve to help him, but how things were that she found and did for herself is still very valuable.

So the two came together for the third time to send Zhang Yi to a world rich in spiritual energy, so he himself having no cultivation could be sent safely.

After Zhang Yi was sent they looked at each other, as they were Zhang Yi masters would have to see each other in the future would probably take hundreds of years.

"I have a doubt, as Zhang Yi cultivates qi and also body strengthening you should know that it is almost certain that he will come to my sect in the divine plan, why did you still do all this for him?"

"You're right, but I still have a chance, not to mention that even if he chooses his cult in I'm still going to be his teacher, and he has an extraordinary future ahead of me that I did not want to ruin, a daughter who turned 20 this year. "

"I understood all the rest and I admire this, plus what you mean to have a daughter."

"If he does not want to get into my sect in the future and I'll try to get him to marry my daughter, she's very talented and needs a dragon as a husband to be worthy of her, you're not going to get involved in that, are you? "

"Of course not, I'll leave that matter to Zhang Yi to decide, of course, you need to leave your daughter prepared so he already has other women when he steps up to the divine plan."

"It is normal for a strong man to have many women, and it is not as if anyone could rise to the divine plan, those who remain down there will be the past at that time."

Then the two of them smiled and ripped the emptiness again to leave, they did not want to stay on this earth without unnecessary spiritual energy, and the blue specialist was already ready to make a breakthrough after 400 years on this earth.

So I a distant land in the middle of a lush forest appeared a 12-year-old boy with some of his torn clothes, he was still unconscious and looked very thin for some reason.

After a while, this boy woke up and soon opened his eyes when his eyes opened they looked like a universe full of stars.

The sooner he fell to the ground again with his hands on his head screaming in pain, this boy is naturally Zhang Yi, as soon as he woke up and opened his eyes his brain seemed to have woken up,

and was running like never before in his 400 years, it seemed that was being taken off branches that had formed in his brain to prevent the information from passing, but with the help of his mental energy his brain was being quickly and completely clean, so he was feeling so much pain, after a while the pain began to disappear and only remains confusion, he took a moment to think.

Zhang Yi knew he was now 12 years old, but also knew that this place was not the same as he was before his 12 years, he also realized that his parents in his memory should already be dead and that he had been helped by someone who he had never seen it for many years.

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