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Shortly after she looked at Zhang Yi she shifted her gaze to the blue specialist, this middle-aged woman wore a yellow vest and had some flowered embroidery.

"What you did to him, you killed his life and talent, that's why I detest Cultivators of qi they have no brain."

When the woman had finished speaking, the blue specialist was shocked, 'she knows him', that's what the specialist thought for a moment more than changed his mind, it was impossible for this specialist to know him, because he would already be dead now if he had not given a method of cultivation.

"I do not know what you're talking about, and I do not think you know it either, because if it had not been for me here he would have died by hundreds of years."

So the yellow specialist looked again at Zhang Yi then shook his head helplessly and then sighed.

"I think you're right, that was his fate and if you had not met him he would not be here alive today."

Seeing that the woman had calmed down the blue specialist did not touch the matter any more he was curious about what she said he killed Zhang Yi's life, he thought he had done enough.

"Because you said that I killed him, I admit that I did not take him to a world with more spiritual energy but that's because he was very old when I first met him, and because he had that deficiency in his brain so he did not it would be worth the sacrifice I would have to make to bring it to the divine world. "

"That's why I said that you killed his life, he has no deficiency in the brain, it's just that because he is very talented in both body and qi cultivation and also mental power his body has not endured the disaster if he was born in a world without spiritual qi and a little blood entered and his brain, if before he cultivated you just circulate his energy in his body he would return to normal and could display all his talent more now is too late. "

When the blue specialist heard this he mourned deeply, after all, he had no medical talent and thought it was a common mental deficiency so he did nothing.

After all, he had never before seen a world is spiritual energy, and always parents were baptizing their children with spiritual energy at birth so that this illness never existed.

"It is a pity that I had not come here before, he is a divine talent in mental energy, really he could have better accomplishments than mine in a few millennia, and it seems he also has talent for the cultivation of qi and body, fate really plays with people, he was born the wrong place. "

The blue specialist agreed with this, Zhang Yi has never used any medicine in all these years and has reached that level without much insight which is considered to be one of the most fundamental things for a cultivator if he was in a world rich in spiritual energy even though below the divine plan he would be an emperor there in a few years.

More to tell that he had a bit of luck with all the techniques that the blue specialist passed to him, so he could have more advances in the future.

"As you know he has a talent for mental energy, from what I know to know this needs to use some equipment."

"As soon as I arrived on this planet this man began to pull the mental energy from my body like a sponge in a river sucks water, at my level do you think it is easy to draw energy from my body?"

When the blue specialist heard this he was completely shocked, this talent seems even more impressive than for cultivation, after all, he did not try to draw spiritual energy from his body, but he did it with mental energy, this is really incredible, no wonder the woman was excited and then angry.

It's like finding out the best candy in the world and when it comes to catching him he sucked and bit into someone's mouth, but now there was nothing they could do anyway as she said she could not heal him anymore.

"And what would you do to send him to a world with spiritual energy to see if he was lucky there?"

"Yes, this is what I have to do, I am already in this world without energy for more than 400 years it is time for me to return, moreover, he can no longer make any progress in this world, the laws of heaven and earth They will not allow it, and he needs some medicines to cultivate from now on, and I can not take anyone below a certain level of cultivation to the divine world else, I can face a tribulation, and so does he. "

"I know, but it's too bad to send him into a normal world with no one to help him, even though he's very strong with his low intelligence he will not know where to get the resources to cultivate."

"I'm not worried about his safety, he has a good spear and sword technique, if Zhang Yi can get his hands on a proper martial technique these two weapons he'll be safe, I'm just wondering if his fate will allow him to make more advances in cultivation, after all, he is very old and has low perception. "

"I was thinking the same thing, I had an idea, it can only be done in this world that does not have the oversight of heavenly laws."

"What dangerous idea is this?"

"Have you ever heard of the divine taboo time reversal technique?"

"You are crazy!!!!! This is a taboo technique, just by talking about it you could already suffer a celestial tribulation, and I do not know what this technique has to do with the situation now. "

"That is why I said that it could only be done in this world, there is no heavenly tribulation here, the idea I had came from some ancient records that I saw, a great cultivator of the divine kingdom used this technique in the body of the beloved ones was close to dying to reverse time for her, and this technique requires two cultivators of our level and with mental energy and qi. "

"That's a great idea, I just knew that this technique was taboo because it violated the laws of time for others, I did not know that I could use it in other people if this is so because different sects do not use it in their disciples? I'm sure someone who once cultivated once could cultivate much faster on Second. "

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"This is why this technique is taboo, it has some side effects, in this story I read, this old man used that in his wife who was going to die and it worked, because they were in a world being spiritual energy they fled from the celestial tribulation, the problem is that the technique took away all the cultivation and memories of his wife, he literally went back in time so everything she lived was erased from her memory, this story is romantic because he conquers her again and they live happily ever after. "

"I understand that if one went to a world without spiritual energy and to use this technique in a disciple his cultivation would disappear and also that disciple would lose his memory and could no longer enter the divine kingdom, that is to say, that for them they have more losses than gains is not true?"

"Yes you are right, and there is another thing as well if the people who go through this technique cultivate they have gone through a heavenly tribulation for every realm they advance, and few can survive it."

"None of this matters to Zhang Yi, his cultivation is still low and he does not have many more chances in life, if he returns we can send him to a world with high spiritual energy and the best age for cultivation, 12 years, to remove the blood that hinders his brain he will have more perception to cultivate much faster, not to mention that in this world he can use spiritual medicines, and as for celestial tribulation is not a problem either, after all everyone knows that body cultivation never can perish in a tribulation, and his body technique improves faster than his cultivation, moreover, he may use mental energy to help the next time. "

"Exactly so you think we can do that."

"Of course, I've watched you grow for over 400 years, it would be great to see your talent being used properly, but what I'm curious about is what you get out of it?"

"As I will also help and do not want to see such a lost talent, let's do this, we both give various cultivation techniques and martial techniques to him and we also leave a token hidden in his body and some messages explaining that we help him and he has to choose one of us, so when he is ascending to the divine plan he can choose which side to go to. "

"I think it's a good idea too, so let's get started."

So the two experts took Zhang Yi's body unconscious and began the taboo technique, huge amounts of spiritual and mental energy formed a sphere around Zhang Yi as if breaking the laws of the world, then the wrinkled face and the white hair of Zhang Yi began to return to their youthful form, and thus their cultivation was also disappearing.

It seemed that the energy formed by the two was rebuilding Zhang Yi's body into the past, soon after an unknown amount of time inside the energy sphere was Zhang Yi with his body back when he was a child.

The two looked pleased with the scene and were relieved when they saw no heavenly tribulation, even though they knew that there was none, the term tribulation carries the weight of death to the experts.

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