319 Forest Elf Territory 7

Zhang Yi saw that the island's leader was actually afraid of him and the other islanders were also afraid, they always fled underground when a threat appeared, but Zhang Yi was very quick and they couldn't escape this time.

Zhang Yi could also see the priestess Meng Wei near the island's leader, he could remember that the two asked him to enter the tower to kill the demon and did not even warn that the tower would be destroyed after he killed the demon.

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So all the goodwill that Zhang Yi felt for them taking care of his sect was gone with that, everyone shuddered when they saw Zhang Yi's cold eyes, they couldn't feel Zhang Yi's strength, but they were sure that Zhang Yi could kill everyone if you wanted.

"I don't want to waste my time in this leading place on the island, I came here to kill the demon that is trapped in the tower, so bring this tower to the surface and I will kill it quickly and get out of here."

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