318 Forest Elf Territory 6

For Gantar, this was certainly the best gift he could receive, and Bemere who was the person he most trusted had also received a sword and armor so, together they would not be defeated even by someone from the Soul Refinement realm.

Bemere was also surprised by this gift and knew that Zhang Yi really wanted good for them and certainly was not of this world to be able to give gifts like that, but before leaving Zhang Yi gave a warning to Gantar and Bemere.

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"I'm going to give you these swords and armor for you to protect yourself, don't think about using this to conquer the dark elves' territory if you do that I will come back and punish you personally."

With Zhang Yi's pressure and this warning they didn't even ask why a Forest Elf was protecting the dark elves, Gantar didn't really plan on trying to attack the dark elves and with that warning, he thought even less.

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