317 Forest Elf Territory 5

At first, Zhang Yi thought of pretending to choose some Forest elves and then if he managed to conquer Saphielle he would take some elves to the divine plane and drop them off at the Forest Elf Sect, but after spending time he thought he could really find the elves more talented to take with him.

Zhang Yi was able to find talented elves just as his master had found himself when Zhang Yi was not yet cultivated, he had never done it because he had no time and no interest in doing so.

But since he said that to Gantar he thought he could really find someone with talent just as he said he would, so the elves of Forest Elf Sect would be very grateful to Zhang Yi.

He just had to be careful not to allow these elves one day to decide to return to the continent of the blue moon and use the laws of space if they learned or asked an elder of the elf sect to bring them to that continent.

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