316 Forest Elf Territory 4

Bemere was the queen of the Forest elves and in this life, there was no conflict with Gantar, and even though Gantar was not a great father he did not mistreat any of his children and also treated her very well, Bemere knew that Gantar had everything he wanted as king of the Forest elves.

Bemere had some children who were men and only Saphielle who was a woman, knowing Gantar, she knew that it would be difficult for Saphielle to marry an important man, perhaps it was possible that Gantar would never allow her to marry in fear that someone might try to take his throne.

So maybe if Zhang Yi could take Saphielle with him to that divine plane then maybe Saphielle could be someone free and strong, Bemere wasn't sure if Gantar would accept that or if Saphielle had the kind of talent that Zhang Yi was waiting for.

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