314 Forest Elf Territory 2

Lusserina knew well that in fact perhaps she was not the one who loved Zhang Yi the most, perhaps it was Saphielle or Solar who loved Zhang Yi the most, and it was quite possible that the two did not fall in love with Zhang Yi this time because the circumstances were different.

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Lusserina even felt that the love she felt for Zhang Yi was different and maybe even stronger now that she fell in love with Zhang Yi this time too, she didn't feel that she had changed her personality but that she had remembered what she was.

And Lusserina also felt that she had just fallen in love with Zhang Yi because he was so much kinder now, the cold personality he had before had disappeared, that with Zhang Yi knowing everything she liked was easier.

But everything she experienced that second time also built her personality that she lived with living well with Falael, so she didn't know if Zhang Yi was right to do what he had done and have won her over again.

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