313 Forest Elf Territory 1

After getting his revenge, Zhang Yi went back to his village and opened his store again, later in the afternoon after closing the store Zhang Yi went to town using a teleporter because he had promised to see Lusserina.

It had been two days since Zhang Yi left the city and Lusserina was waiting for him to return as he said he would, after the attack she suffered Falael said that Lusserina could not leave the city for a while.

So Lusserina had to trust that Zhang Yi would come to the city to visit her using teleportation as he had promised, otherwise, she would not be able to meet him for long until her father let Lusserina leave again.

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So she can just relax when Zhang Yi came back as she said she would, Lusserina had a house that was just hers in the city because she was uncomfortable living in the same house as her father.

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