126 Final Fight 8

Seeing that even after three days his wives were not waking up alone he took them out of their mental energy world and decided to wake them up, he saw that Lusserina and Saphielle were much better than a few days ago, only Luna and Solar who were badly injured they were still a little pale.

Thus Zhang Yi again formed a support domain with the laws of the elements wood, water, light, and earth, as he had all his qi recovered his support domain technique was much more powerful than before.

After the technique was activated Zhang Yi placed one of the wound recovery pills in his mouth and kissed Lusserina using his tongue to make Lusserina swallow the wound recovery pill.

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Then he did the same with Saphielle, after waiting for a few minutes the two finally woke up but were still dizzy, as they were very injured and exhausted all the qi in the fight a few days ago even with 3 days sleeping the qi had not if recovered.

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