125 Final Fight 7

As soon as he arrived from the place that was the beginning of this world, Zhang Yi knew it would take a few days for the skeletons to get here, after all, they had no way the skeletons could use teleportation techniques.

Zhang Yi soon brought his wives from within his world close to him and his heart ached from seeing them so wounded, he could not enter his own world of mental energy because his world of mental energy was now connected with the world physicist.

So he would probably have to face the three tribulations within his mental energy world, he was not afraid of the tribulations but knew that his mental energy world would not endure three tribulations in a row.

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Zhang Yi soon used the little qi he had recovered and with his mental energy created a supportive domain just as he did a few years ago with his supportive domain using the laws of the elements wood, water, light, and earth the injuries of their wives recovered quickly.

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