123 Final Fight 5

Luckily they were smart and had a plan about it, the twins used the qi pill when their qi was just over half, in a few hours they could use the pill again and so they could last a few days.

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Saphielle who was killing more skeletons was calmer, after a few hours of fighting herself being usually the calmest took the lead and began commanding Lusserina and the twins.

Her first decision was to stop attacking the skeletons and just defend themselves, so they would receive more blows and destroy fewer enemies, but could save more qi, after all the four were wearing spirit rank armor and were all from the realm of the spiritual sea.

So even if they got a few blows they wouldn't be much injured and if they were lightly injured they could just take the wound recovery pills, another tactic that Saphielle decided was that she and Lusserina would attack their enemies the hardest.

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