144 Fast and Implacable Revenge 6

Since his revenge was over there were several things that Zhang Yi had yet to do, so he had to look for the remaining disciples of his Iron sect to help rebuild the sect in the shortest possible time to feel free and go to the Divine plane.

He also had to fulfill his promise and do some more business with the Golden River company, after destroying the Leaf sect and stealing the treasures he had over 100 million high-end spiritual stones.

In addition, he had billions of medium and low-level spirit stones, as well as many cultivation resources and treasures such as swords and spears, so it could be said that he had enough wealth to open a Divine plane sect and cultivate for a lifetime.

But Zhang Yi felt that was not enough and that he could earn more spiritual stones and still help the Golden River company, he could also give a small part of his wealth to the Iron sect after working with the Golden River company.

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