143 Fast and Implacable Revenge 5

"You are not worthy of my trust, and precisely because you are a sect of alchemists I cannot let you live, you can ask for help from various free cultivators and organizations and minor sects that have worked together."

"They could even offer various pills and cultivation resources as a reward for other mortal tribulation realm warriors to help you."

The elder who was talking to Zhang Yi was discouraged again, of course, he had thought of doing just that and the other alchemists would think of doing the same thing, no one wanted to work as a slave to others willingly.

Zhang Yi despised the other alchemists because with the help of his master's special cauldron and various pill recipes he had he was a better alchemist of all on this continent, and even if it wasn't for the cauldron only his mental energy would help him be better. than others.

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