142 Fast and Implacable Revenge 4

But that was what he might think after destroying the Leaf sect, Zhang Yi was very angry with the Leaf sect after finding out that they were the ones who had the most spies inside the Iron sect and perhaps were primarily responsible for the destruction of his sect.

Since he didn't want to waste any more time listening to the evil things the Leaf sect thought of doing, Zhang Yi soon used his technique to constrain the space where the Leaf sect's elders were located.

Soon after Zhang Yi used his sacred domain technique and thus began to torture the elders with the laws of the massacre, this time he did not only intend to let the elders die as easily as the elders of the other two sects.

The problem was that Zhang Yi didn't have so many torture techniques to punish the Leaf sect elders, physical torture was ineffective against the warriors, and mental torture techniques the best techniques Zhang Yi had were his laws of massacre and the search of souls.

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