140 Fast and Implacable Revenge 2

Zhang Yi thought that many of the great sects had secrets that no one knew, just as the Iron sect the Yin and Yang sect had more strength than it seemed.

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But it didn't matter to Zhang Yi who already faced 100 skeletons of the mortal tribulation realm, he just wanted to kill them all to get revenge for the Iron sect, Zhang Yi wanted to destroy the Yin and Yang sect.

Unlike the Fire sect a few days ago, the Yin and Yang sect elders were more advanced in talking about the sect's future, Zhang Yi who was listening to everything was surprised to hear the subject they were talking about.

The Iron sect was known for body refinement, they were also lucky to have the sect located in one of the continent's richest countries, so most of the disciples in the sect were men and only the women living in the Silver country and their relative's sect members who joined that sect.

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