139 Fast and Implacable Revenge 1

Zhang Yi saw that they really did seem to be suffering and although not as he hoped he thought it would serve his revenge on the strongest of the Fire sect, so Zhang Yi understood that was how it happened with the elves and the laws of the massacre were tormenting the mind of the enemies.

Before his cultivation realm was very low and his mastery of the laws of the massacre was much weaker than now, now Zhang Yi's understanding of the laws of massacre was of advanced level.

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In addition, the elves understood some laws and had a stronger mindset than ordinary humans, so just by using their sacred domain with the laws of massacre and space at the advanced level the Fire sect elders were being tortured.

Zhang Yi knew it wouldn't last long because humans also had a strong martial heart after cultivating to the realm of mortal tribulation, but Zhang Yi could imagine the torture they would face at that time.

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