95 Entering the Snowlands 8

That was an amazing and brilliant thing in theory, but it wasn't really that useful, after all, he was still in the realm of the core revolution so even though he could understand a divine level technique he couldn't improve it, just make a copy worse.

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So while learning this over the past few months just to train his perception and reasoning, he understood how he could use it to help train girls, so he began to rearrange the technique in a way he could use now.

After an hour when he finally finished recreating the technique women were starting to get tired, so he immediately used the technique that would now be called the domain of support.

This supportive domain technique that Zhang Yi created used the same principle of the divine technique, just as it used the laws that the user of the technique understood, it also had a low qi consumption and worked against enemies or allies of up to 2 realms integers of difference.

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