91 Entering the Snowlands 4

This restriction was that he could not use his mental energy, he first thought that he could not only use his mental energy to seek the way but soon he saw that mental energy was even restricted for him to use in fights.

And what was worse was that this way he wouldn't have a place to protect Lusserina and Saphielle in case of danger, after all his mental energy world was also sealed, so he couldn't even use his tamed beast inside.

So he was panicked, so his two women were really in danger, fortunately, that was the only restriction he could feel too, otherwise, it was impossible that he could destroy this place.

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Lusserina and Saphielle, as well as the twin sisters, did not understand why they had no mental energy, so they did not realize the restrictions of this place, so it would be no use for him to explain anything to them.

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