90 Entering the Snowlands 3

"You do not have to worry about sacrificing anyone this time, I'm going in to destroy this world, so you can rest easy."

"But you have nothing to do with it, with your power you can just leave here, not to mention that your life is worth more than everyone here possibly."

"That's my decision, in two months I'm going to go into this place and leave after destroying this world if I can not at least you do not have to sacrifice anyone, but I have my trust."

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Zhang Yi had to do this not only because it was the right thing to do, but also because if he did not try, a demon in his heart could arise because he fled while abandoning so many people.

Saphielle and Lusserina were silent and only accepted what Zhang Yi wanted to do, after all, it was because he was so he entered the world hope and met with them, he could only have ignored the voice and the elves and have just abandoned that world.

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