89 Entering the Snowlands 2

Zhang Yi did not care about the looks of these people and went to the place that looked like a restaurant in the city, this seemed to be the only place with entertainment in the city, no one wanted to talk to these unknown and powerful people.

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Even so, the attendant served food and drink to Zhang Yi after they saw that they were just eating in peace the people who could not even feel the cultivation of Lusserina and Saphielle soon lost interest and continued to do their things.

Only the strongest were still keeping an eye on them, and so Zhang Yi could hear the distant conversation of the people and better understand what was happening to this place with everyone depressed.

He could hear the conversation of hundreds of people at the same time, so he was just trying to filter what interested him, after a while, he can hear a conversation of two men that caught the attention of Zhang Yi.

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